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In just a few short days summer will be upon us and most people will be planning something fun to do in the warm weather. But here is my question, why is it that we wait until something like the weather getting better to do certain things? Why do we wait until our finances are better to start looking for a new house or learn a new trade? Why do we wait for the most opportune time to move forward? Now I’m not saying go purchase a house that is above your means or get student loans you can’t afford. What I am saying is do research until the time is right.

In this journey we call life, I have learned that sitting down and waiting for that perfect time will only do one thing for sure. That is waste time. Maybe it is just me but when God blesses me with my future husband, I want to be ready. I want to be the whole person so that he does not have to work to complete me. By working out any issues within myself beforehand I can be a greater person. Then I can be ready for him. When God sends me my necessary car, I want to be ready to understand how it works. When the literary agents call me and tell me they want to publish my novel, I want to be ready with it. Hence this blog as a starter and my almost completed novel.

God’s plan may not include the above things for me right now but in the meantime, I am getting ready. By taking part in a devotional book titled THE COURAGE TO WRITE I was among 61 other gifted and talented writers who contributed to the book. My devotional LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD is just the beginning of me getting ready for better to come. What’s yours? Leave your comment below.

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~Get Up & Do Something~

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I Am the One: God, Mend My Broken Heart

I Am the One: God, Mend My Broken Heart is a Christian Fiction Romance for Christian Singles by Sherylynne L. Rochester-Dix. This book is one of six in a series of Short Reads.

After searching for an interesting book to read, this one caught my eye. The title alone made me take notice. Then there was the blurb that really grabbed my attention. It’s said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well, there was no second chance needed here. The summary said all I needed to encourage me to read this book.

Main character Claudia is a well-developed character that seems so real. During her relationship with her boyfriend Wendell, she encounters trying times as most relationships do. What she does to overcome her struggles pulls at your heart strings to say the very least.

Just as the title of this book series I Am The One, this book is just that. Being the one to yourself first. If you can’t love yourself then you can’t love someone else. This writer has a great way of showing survival, hope and faith in this amazing story. I can honestly say I enjoyed this book. Though it is short, it packs a punch with its encouragement and inspiration.  I can’t wait to read the remaining five books in this series.

You can find the book on Amazon simply by click on the book itself below. Happy reading.

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~ When God is ready for you to have it, He will send it. ~


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Are you the type of reader, that gets utterly excited when you walk into a room full of books? You start smiling and becoming giddy like a kid in a candy store. If so, you have just made a new friend in me.

A few years ago, I was in a bookstore in New York City. As most avid readers I was in heaven just being amongst the thousands of books. I was truly in my glory. Sadly, I realized that I could not be in the store forever. Looking for Christian Romance novels I headed to the back of the store. I wanted to read clean fiction where sex was not the focal point. The aisle title Christian drew me right in. This is where I could find the books I desired.

There were about six wide tall stands placed side by side. As I excitedly started to search through them, I became less enthused. It seemed that everything was packed together on the same level as Christian Fiction. There were also manuals on preaching better with the genre I was looking for and books to improve bible study teachings.

For some reason everything associated with Christianity were housed together. I found that rather odd because on the very next aisle titled Romance, there were twice as many books on the shelves. Not only that but there were at least four complete lanes with nothing but Romance. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against regular romance. I’m the owner of many romance novels myself. The thing is I wanted to read a faith based romantic novel.

I couldn’t find what I wanted in the store so I created The Reading & Writing Spot. This is my own area where people like myself can find Christian & Inspirational writings. Authors from all levels will be here in this space. I finally found what I was looking for and it was right under my nose. This is my happy place.

I’m a proud member of American Christian Fiction Writers

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~When you do what you love, its never work. It’s simply fun. ~

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