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1 Corinthians 13:5 PHILLIPS)

I read this young lady’s post and it touched me so much that I had to share it with everyone. Please check out the preview then click on the link below it to read the full story.


I watched a short film by Juwon Odetayo on youtube early hours of this morning titled “FADING”. It was short and very intriguing. This film is a motivation to today’s blog post.

I’ll put the link to the film at the end of the blog post.

We have one silent entitlement. Okay, let me not generalize. Most of us do. and it is this: We think we are “entitled” to be offended when we are offended by people. I do it too. So, you are not alone.

But, in recent weeks, I’ve been constantly reminded that being touchy is not my right. Neither is it a fruit of the Spirit. Sometimes, I feel so hurt or angry and justified, and I tell God, “Didn’t You hear what she just told me?” That was completely unfair! Or “Those comments are enough to get any sane person mad,” and I am quickly reminded that LOVE IS NOT TOUCHY.

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Trust the Process

Have you ever had one of those days or weeks where everything that could go wrong went wrong? Did you literally want to beg God to turn you back into a child because this adulting life is not the life for you? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, then welcome to my world.

Just last week, I got a flat on the way to work. Thank God for a kind lady who caught me at the light one block away from the parking lot, letting me know. AAA is a godsend since I don’t know how to change a tire.

While carrying my friend’s birthday gift, the bag handle broke, causing me to have to carry it tight on my chest. Not a good idea since the bag had glitter on it. I glittered bombed myself. My coat, purse, and workbag all had silver glitter everywhere.  

The next day, I was at the tire shop getting a new tire. I found out I needed all new tires. I wanted to cry because with an upcoming trip that put a dent in my budget.

With the tire and glitter, I then lost my laundry card. I had just put a substantial amount of money on. I looked for three hours inside my home and in the car. I’m not one to lose things, as I pride myself in being organized. But when I lose things it’s a bit hurtful.

With all of this going on, it seemed I was just having awful week. But here’s my take on it. I could have been driving on the highway when my tires blew and gotten into an accident. The glitter could have been permanently stuck to my face and hair. (Not pretty). I could not have had money to replace the laundry card to do my laundry.

Sometimes we have moments where things go wrong. However, trust the process that God knows what He’s doing. Car accident avoided, looking like a craft teacher while working in a professional environment avoided and having to wash clothes and coat by hand avoided. No matter what happens, God has your back.

Walk By Faith

Could you imagine what would happen if we walked by what we saw instead of by faith? We would stumble and fall so much that our knees would be permanently bruised.

But the love of God has instilled in us to do one thing. Trust Him. Trust Him enough to walk by faith and not by sight. Knowing that He is our guide and will direct our footsteps.

Keep Living

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Today would’ve been my mother’s Harriet Future 81st birthday, but she passed away three and a half years ago. She left behind three beautiful daughters and six amazing grandchildren. I had just spoken to her the day before her passing. Two days prior to that, I ran an errand for her, so she didn’t have to take the bus in the humid ninety-degree heat.

She was still getting around on her own. Taking the bus wherever she needed to go. Living nearby her made it easy for me to check on her. I would call her to ask if she needed things from the store or to go anywhere, but to my surprise, she would have gone already. With me having health problems, she didn’t want to call on me as much. So instead, she took her tiny shopping cart and went herself.

Boy did that make me mad sometimes because living in a big city means lots of traffic. But then I realized even at her age, she was still taking care of me as much as I was taking care of her. That’s what called a mother’s love.

Sometimes I find myself with tears streaming from my eyes as I miss her so much. A childhood friend of my mother who grew up with her in a small town in South Carolina told me the following. You will never stop grieving for your loved one, just make sure to keep living your life.

We May Stumble & Fall

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The definition of a Christian is One who believes in Christ. Whether you’ve been at your church since you were a child, found a new one, or are a believer who doesn’t have a church home yet, being a Christian is still the same. You believe in the man upstairs.

 As humans, we can try to be as perfect as we can. We make sure we do everything in our power to be perfect. Try to be the best person or image of God we can be. We can volunteer to feed the homeless, agree to take a double shift because of staff shortages or even let someone go in front of us at the grocery store because our cart full of food is no match for their five items.

But what happens when things are not so pleasant? We’ve found ourselves in a position where we’ve been lied on & humiliated in public? We’ve been made to look like we’re the devil himself rather than the decent person we are. At the moment, all we hear and see is that we’re under attack & we go into survival mode. After the smoke has cleared, we realize we let a person make us step outside of our character. Our retaliation cut like a sharp knife.

Does this make us bad people or not Christian-like? No, it doesn’t it means we’re human before anything else. We hurt, cry, and bleed, just like the next person. We’ve worked hard to be the best us we can. The imminent threat caused us to fall short. Let me be the one to tell you there are no perfect people in this world, only sinners getting back up after a fall.

We can’t beat ourselves up over the way we handled things. We must stop replaying it in our minds. Removing ourselves from the situation is the best thing to do, even if it means taking an enormous loss.

The next time you find yourself in a situation like this, remember this verse:

Romans 8:14 ESV For all who are led by the spirit of God are all the children of God. You are a child of God and there’s no one better than Him to fight your battles as he was persecuted himself.

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Dear Love, I’ve Unpacked by Baggage

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Dear Love I’ve Unpacked my Baggage

As I sit here and pen this open letter to you, I want you to know it’s going to be long. For I have a lot to say to you and I’m ready to get it out. No longer will I remain quiet because I’m sad and ashamed I failed at keeping my special someone yet again. I’ve been in relationships where I was happy, and I felt loved. One time, I gave love only to find out the relationship was based on false pretenses. When I thought I found the one for me, I endured disappointment because the one for me wanted me to give up my identity to be with them.

As I look back, I can spot a lot of things I could’ve done different. Maybe changing a few things would’ve made them work. On more than one occasion, I’m glad I left because I didn’t want to be treated horribly by the person who said they loved me but didn’t. Other times I stayed, knowing I disapproved of their dreadful habits. However, as time moved on, I hated the person because of their awful demeanor. I couldn’t stay there anymore. I hold the blame for this because I settled for someone who I wasn’t compatible with so I wouldn’t be lonely. As a result, the two of us went our separate ways.

I’m unpacking my bags, because I’m tired of bearing this heavy load. For way too long, have I let this thing called happiness slip through my slim fingers. Insecurities, not being pretty enough, not being smart enough, and being told no one would ever want you. Being told you will never succeed with your goals and dreams. I allowed a former significant other to impact my next relationship because of all the damage I suffered beforehand.

Bringing them with me instead of dealing with them before I entered a new relationship caused me to start the same cycle again. After I took the time to learn to love myself, I realized I had been carrying the weight of all the horrid events that occurred in my life. With clear eyes, I see better. I understand what I want in a relationship and what I don’t. Things I find unsavory in their ways which might cause harm to them or myself, I will not even go near.

How will I recognize when the right one comes? Well God will tell me. But in the meantime, loving me is the best thing that ever happened to me. So, as I end this lengthy letter to you, I can smile and say Dear Love, I’ve Unpacked my Baggage.

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Dreams Will Come True

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It’s five o’clock in the morning and the sun is still sleeping.

My feet touch the floor as I roar a yawn to silence.

Dragging myself through my apartment, I head to the kitchen for my morning tea.

Sitting down at the table as my mother often did, I close my eyes and enjoy the sweet sound of nothing.

Void of the loud city sirens blaring from the ambulances, firetrucks or police cruisers.

Nor do I hear the sounds of the trains, planes and automobiles.

In the distant I hear the melody of birds chirping as they start their day.

I take a deep breath and I can almost feel the warm breeze lightly touch my face.

My nose twitches from the smell of evergreen grass.

I see a squirrel with acorns running to its hiding place in a tree.

Wait, is that what I think it is? It’s a little chipmunk playing with a twig.

I embrace this fuzzy feeling like a large warm hug from a loved one.

Some people, including myself, live in apartment buildings where the only grass is a patch near the lonely tree or at the park.

However, just because you are not where you want to be doesn’t mean you can’t get there.

Just like life, believe that one day your dreams will come true.

God did not give you dreams to do nothing with.

He gave you them to make them a reality.

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10 Reasons to be Grateful for in the Morning

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1. God allowing you to wake up this morning to read this. Not everyone gets this chance.

2. You reach for your smartphone to check the time as you use it as a clock, among other things. Some people can’t afford basic phones at all.

3. Your feet touch the floor as you sit on the edge of your warm bed, contemplating whether you want to get up. Some people are not as fortunate and sleep on the concrete or park benches.

4. Deciding that you should get out of bed, you take a long stretch. There are sick people who simply can’t.

5. Off you go to the bathroom and turn on the lights. The basic necessity such as indoor plumbing and electricity is what so many go without.

6. Next is your walk to the kitchen in your home where your cabinets, pantries and refrigerators are filled to the brim with food. The hungry men, women and children don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

7. Sitting at the table you have your morning coffee or tea while watching the news on your tv in your home. Meanwhile, there’s a family of four living in a small tent under the bridge.

8. Off to start your day as you open your closet and claim you have nothing to wear. A man has been wearing the same torn spring jacket in the snowy winter because that’s all he can afford.

9. Out the door you go as you press your alarm button for your car door to automatically unlock. Whether it’s a small town or a big city, taking public transportation can be challenging. Especially when you have to get off and still walk to get to your destination because the route doesn’t go your entire way.

10. You’re caught in a major traffic jam as you travel to work. So many people are unemployed and wish they had a job.

Often, we take these simple things for granted because we dwell on the things we don’t have. Let’s change that and be utterly grateful for the things we do.

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Better Understanding

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Recently, a lot of good things have been happening to me. One, a past relationship came back into play. But because I’m wiser and stronger, I know it was never for me. Two, I found a silver lining in something that was tarnished and destined to fail. Three, my writing career seems to be taking off in places I had no intentions of going. With all of this, I said aloud to God; I wish I would have known that before. God replied and said You weren’t ready yet.

In this thing we call life, in order for us to grow and mature as an individual God will put us through some things to build us up. Those things might seem as if they hurt us more than help us. However, that’s just God’s way of preparing us for the next phase of our lives. I thank God for allowing me to go through my storm because it gave me a vessel full of tools to make wiser choices. It gave me better understanding.

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