God’s Grace

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God’s Grace

Have you ever had a time in your life when you needed to start over again? You want to fix the terrible thing that caused hurt and despair. You think back, you can see what you did wrong. However, God is the only one who can turn the hands of time.

Your failed marriage that crashed like a runaway train without brakes. The business that was going to make you rich left you penniless. A dream beach home of yours left your money in sinking sand. The relationship where you assumed you could mold and create your perfect mate turned into dust. You beat yourself up knowing you should have done better.

Every day, people experience setbacks from errors, myself included. For years, I was my worst enemy, berating myself for my mistakes. Talking to God, I asked why awful things happened to me. Not understanding why I endured the pain and struggles. I had questions for God. He answered by telling me to look around. As I did, I looked directly at my wall décor that I created with paint and flowers. It took me several tries to complete the style I was looking for in that piece. At first, I couldn’t comprehend it, then I realized every storm I went through was making me a stronger woman. Strong enough to start my own blog and write a novel which I just finished (Now for the rewrites 😊). Fierce enough to attend the movies, theater, and other places alone. Secure enough to admit my faults.

Failure is a part of growing because you learn lessons to make better decisions. No one can rewrite the past, but with God’s grace, it makes living for the future much better.

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Quote of the Month

~ Pick yourself up & keeping going.~


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Earlier this week, I had an appointment in an office building where there were metal detectors that you had to go through to access the building. Good morning was the first thing I heard upon entering the building. I arrived at my appointment early and was told to wait against the wall before being allowed entry to the office. As employees entered the building and passed through the metal detectors, I watched their interactions. The two vibrant security guards greeted everyone with such grace and joy that I had to look.

They gave such an energetic Good Morning it was worthy of waking, even Sleeping Beauty herself. Several employees passed through and there were things like “I like your new hairstyle, Bud it’s almost the weekend you can do this and my favorite, have a good day.” They said Have a good day to everyone. This was simply mind-blowing to me because I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm at a security checkpoint before. Upon leaving the building, I told them how I loved their energy and positive vibe.

These young ladies made it their business to put a smile on each person’s face simply by saying two words. Good morning. Imagine what this world could be like if everyone did what they did. This would be a truly amazing place. 

The reason I write is to make people smile. I want my words to touch someone’s soul who might need a little inspiration to keep from diving off that bridge. Or taking those pills. I want my words to encourage, uplift and to give hope. This is how I make people smile. I challenge you to make someone smile. Leave me a comment and let me know how you did it.

Quote of the Month

~A smile can make a heart sing.~

Desiree Future

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com