I’m Looking for Greater

A person from humble beginnings can appreciate small things. They understand what it means to grow up shopping at thrift stores, receiving hand-me-down clothes, and waiting in long lines to apply for government help. These people recognize they can’t afford to purchase the newest footwear or electronic device that has hit the market. Public transportation and walking is their mode of getting from point A to B and C and the rest of the alphabet. Birthdays and Christmas are not on the calendar due to the rent and utility bills needing to be paid.

For some, as they grow up and achieve success, they look back on where they came from and rejoice because they made it out. Even going back to help others in need. For others, they steer clear of what caused them to be ridiculed because they were poor. In their minds, it’s a place they never want to visit again.

What happens when they leave but keep their mindset the same? Do they want the best or just settle for the little?

I’ve been accepting the little because it’s better than nothing. But recently I became upset because I didn’t get what I wanted or rather needed. It was not because I didn’t take it a step further to gain what I desired. I had become accustomed to accepting small things. Not to say little things doesn’t matter because, trust me, they make an enormous difference. But saying that my brain was functioning at such a low level when offered gifts, I had a hard time accepting them. Which offended the person who was offering the item to me. That caused a chain reaction which led me being the one who accepts any minor thing. When I know deep down inside, it wasn’t what I wanted. Then that led me to purchase what I wanted.

I’ve learned when you think of receiving the lowest, that’s what you will receive. But you have the mindset of receiving greater than that’s what you’ll get. I’m looking for greater. What are you looking for?