Getting Ready

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In just a few short days summer will be upon us and most people will be planning something fun to do in the warm weather. But here is my question, why is it that we wait until something like the weather getting better to do certain things? Why do we wait until our finances are better to start looking for a new house or learn a new trade? Why do we wait for the most opportune time to move forward? Now I’m not saying go purchase a house that is above your means or get student loans you can’t afford. What I am saying is do research until the time is right.

In this journey we call life, I have learned that sitting down and waiting for that perfect time will only do one thing for sure. That is waste time. Maybe it is just me but when God blesses me with my future husband, I want to be ready. I want to be the whole person so that he does not have to work to complete me. By working out any issues within myself beforehand I can be a greater person. Then I can be ready for him. When God sends me my necessary car, I want to be ready to understand how it works. When the literary agents call me and tell me they want to publish my novel, I want to be ready with it. Hence this blog as a starter and my almost completed novel.

God’s plan may not include the above things for me right now but in the meantime, I am getting ready. By taking part in a devotional book titled THE COURAGE TO WRITE I was among 61 other gifted and talented writers who contributed to the book. My devotional LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD is just the beginning of me getting ready for better to come. What’s yours? Leave your comment below.

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