A Ride on Life

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As a woman who has always hated amusement rides other than a carousel or bumper cars, I found myself in unfamiliar territory recently. I agreed to go on what seemed like a harmless ride that went around in circles. However, the fun times would soon end just seconds after the machine started moving. Not only did it go in circles but it spun me around like it was mixing cake batter with an electric mixer. Back, forth, sideways and reverse just for good measure.

At first, I screamed because I had no idea the innocent looking contraption was not so innocent. Then the more it moved the faster it went. I wanted to get off the crazy thing. Of course, there was no way of doing that until the operator completed the entire 3-minute ride that seemed like forever.

During my terrifying ordeal I decided to focus on something other than my current situation. I went to my happy place in my mind and I pictured my bookshelf full of books. I was then able to stop screaming and calm down. I knew the spinning would eventually stop and I would be able to get off the horrifying ride.

Life is just like the rides in the amusement parks with its ups, downs, circles and back and forth. One minute we are on the top of the world and everything is working in our favor. Then we have those times of screaming because our lives are on a downward spiral. When you are going through the rough times, you must stay focused on the things that make you happy. Sure, it can be hard smiling when you want to cry. Just remember with every frightening ride you go on it will always come to an end. Keep the faith and just breathe.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Quote of the Month:

Judge not anyone for you do not know their story. Unless you want them to judge you not knowing yours.

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