Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated

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Recently I encountered a problem at a store I visited. Upon walking in and heading to the line to place my order I noticed I was the only one in the line. The cashier was standing behind the register looking around. But once he saw me, he pretended like he was busy as I approached him. I patiently waited for him to finish his non-existent task.

I greeted him good morning as I placed my take-out order. Specifically stating what I wanted and how I wanted it. With a chip on his shoulder, he asked me how I wanted my food. Ignoring the rudeness in his tone I politely repeated my entire order just in case.

Upon getting to my destination, I opened my bag to enjoy my food only to be disappointed. I was given the wrong order. Luckily, I had time to return to the store and get my correct meal. After waiting my turn in line at the now busy restaurant, I approached the same young man again. Explaining the mishap, he despondently told me that he charged me for what I ordered. I tried to remain calm as both my patience and time was running out. To defuse the situation that was heading in a downward spiral I asked for a manager. The manager asked what the problem was and the rude clerk boldly lied about what happened. Blindsided by his bold move, I corrected him and he moved to another register to help the next customer. The manager refunded my money then placed and handed me my correct order. This time I checked my bag before leaving the establishment. Thankfully it was right this time.

The whole situation had me upset as I had never had an incident at that place before that I visit frequently. It wasn’t the wrong order that made me upset but it was the lack of professional customer service. I wanted the company to know just how much it bothered me so I completed the survey on the back of the receipt. Something that I never do. Within two hours I received an email from the corporate office. They too were disturbed on how things panned out. Offering me an apology they assured me someone would reach out to me soon.

I was happy with that as I had gotten an apology. Sometimes all it takes is an apology and for me that was it, or so I thought. A few days later I received an email from the owner of the store. He was very apologetic about the entire incident and wanted to make it right. Enclosed was his personal number for me to use when I wanted a complimentary meal.  I found that to be very nice of him. As most stores will not even say sorry as the manager of the store neglected to do. Yet both the corporation and the owner did.

This was not about the food, nor about the money but it was about treating me with the same respect I gave. Treat people the way you want them to treat you. By chance if they don’t, please know that God has a person nearby waiting to treat you better.

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