Better Understanding

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Recently, a lot of good things have been happening to me. One, a past relationship came back into play. But because I’m wiser and stronger, I know it was never for me. Two, I found a silver lining in something that was tarnished and destined to fail. Three, my writing career seems to be taking off in places I had no intentions of going. With all of this, I said aloud to God; I wish I would have known that before. God replied and said You weren’t ready yet.

In this thing we call life, in order for us to grow and mature as an individual God will put us through some things to build us up. Those things might seem as if they hurt us more than help us. However, that’s just God’s way of preparing us for the next phase of our lives. I thank God for allowing me to go through my storm because it gave me a vessel full of tools to make wiser choices. It gave me better understanding.

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For Nothing is Impossible with God

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During a writing event, I once asked a best-selling author how I could write a novel while working a full-time job. Without thinking about it, they replied, You can’t. This person dismissed me as if I took up too much of their time. They had crushed my lifelong dream like a tin can. Being unmarried means that I have to work to support myself. That made me feel even worse.

I wanted not to believe that answer because in my heart I know writing is who I am, just like my name, Desiree Future. Writing novels, blogs, newsletters and anything else is truly time-consuming because you must continue to learn to get better at it. It is true, it’ll keep you extremely busy. When I self-published my two novels, I was working a full-time job and raising my son (he’s grown now). I wore at least ten different hats as an Indie publisher, and it was really tiring.

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, I removed my books from their online presence as they weren’t one hundred percent me. They were bits and pieces of me because it stretched me so far. I put away all my other writings and such, but yet I kept going back to them. Then I heard a pastor say if you put something down and it keeps coming back to you time and time again, then it’s a gift from God.

Well, I picked up my writing again and here I am with an almost completed contemporary romance novel (I’m in the editing stage now). As of this moment, I have this blog with about thirteen followers, but I’m trusting God for thirteen hundred. By becoming a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), joining a critique group within my local chapter of ACFW, attending writing events and writing conferences, I am learning more about my craft. I’m doing all of this while still working my full-time job. Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God.

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Quote of the Month

~Knowledge can never be stolen from you. ~

Getting Ready

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In just a few short days summer will be upon us and most people will be planning something fun to do in the warm weather. But here is my question, why is it that we wait until something like the weather getting better to do certain things? Why do we wait until our finances are better to start looking for a new house or learn a new trade? Why do we wait for the most opportune time to move forward? Now I’m not saying go purchase a house that is above your means or get student loans you can’t afford. What I am saying is do research until the time is right.

In this journey we call life, I have learned that sitting down and waiting for that perfect time will only do one thing for sure. That is waste time. Maybe it is just me but when God blesses me with my future husband, I want to be ready. I want to be the whole person so that he does not have to work to complete me. By working out any issues within myself beforehand I can be a greater person. Then I can be ready for him. When God sends me my necessary car, I want to be ready to understand how it works. When the literary agents call me and tell me they want to publish my novel, I want to be ready with it. Hence this blog as a starter and my almost completed novel.

God’s plan may not include the above things for me right now but in the meantime, I am getting ready. By taking part in a devotional book titled THE COURAGE TO WRITE I was among 61 other gifted and talented writers who contributed to the book. My devotional LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD is just the beginning of me getting ready for better to come. What’s yours? Leave your comment below.

Quote of The Month

~Get Up & Do Something~

Desiree Future

Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated

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Recently I encountered a problem at a store I visited. Upon walking in and heading to the line to place my order I noticed I was the only one in the line. The cashier was standing behind the register looking around. But once he saw me, he pretended like he was busy as I approached him. I patiently waited for him to finish his non-existent task.

I greeted him good morning as I placed my take-out order. Specifically stating what I wanted and how I wanted it. With a chip on his shoulder, he asked me how I wanted my food. Ignoring the rudeness in his tone I politely repeated my entire order just in case.

Upon getting to my destination, I opened my bag to enjoy my food only to be disappointed. I was given the wrong order. Luckily, I had time to return to the store and get my correct meal. After waiting my turn in line at the now busy restaurant, I approached the same young man again. Explaining the mishap, he despondently told me that he charged me for what I ordered. I tried to remain calm as both my patience and time was running out. To defuse the situation that was heading in a downward spiral I asked for a manager. The manager asked what the problem was and the rude clerk boldly lied about what happened. Blindsided by his bold move, I corrected him and he moved to another register to help the next customer. The manager refunded my money then placed and handed me my correct order. This time I checked my bag before leaving the establishment. Thankfully it was right this time.

The whole situation had me upset as I had never had an incident at that place before that I visit frequently. It wasn’t the wrong order that made me upset but it was the lack of professional customer service. I wanted the company to know just how much it bothered me so I completed the survey on the back of the receipt. Something that I never do. Within two hours I received an email from the corporate office. They too were disturbed on how things panned out. Offering me an apology they assured me someone would reach out to me soon.

I was happy with that as I had gotten an apology. Sometimes all it takes is an apology and for me that was it, or so I thought. A few days later I received an email from the owner of the store. He was very apologetic about the entire incident and wanted to make it right. Enclosed was his personal number for me to use when I wanted a complimentary meal.  I found that to be very nice of him. As most stores will not even say sorry as the manager of the store neglected to do. Yet both the corporation and the owner did.

This was not about the food, nor about the money but it was about treating me with the same respect I gave. Treat people the way you want them to treat you. By chance if they don’t, please know that God has a person nearby waiting to treat you better.

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Quote of the Month

God will make your enemies your footstool.

Sharon Blount’s Story

Written by
Sharon Blount

I would like to share my story of survival, betrayal, heartache, and God’s love. Almost four years ago, my entire life fell apart.

I was living in California with my autistic son. A year before that, I had gotten out of an abusive relationship; not only was it physical, but it was also emotional and purse strings abuse. Purse strings abuse is when an abuser takes control of one’s finances and uses it against that person at every opportunity to keep someone trapped. My abuser got me fired from every job I had, so I would become dependent on that person for everything. My mother and father had both passed away so I had no family to turn to.

I couldn’t believe I was in something like that. I had always been independent, did everything on my own, and never asked anybody for help. The one thing I did was hide it from everyone I knew.  I was leading a miserable life and had no idea how to get out of it.

I was sitting in my house with no water, lights, or food, but I had some bread. One day, my abuser beat me up badly and tried to abuse my son. The abuser hit my child, and that day, I had to fight for my life and the life of my son.

After that and a series of other traumatizing events including being evicted, I tried to kill myself.  I wanted out of life. I felt like God didn’t love me because after all the praying I had done, He hadn’t answered any of my prayers or so I thought.

After sleeping in my car and not feeding my son, I had no choice but to give him up. The day I was going to surrender him to foster care, he said, “No, mommy, please.” My son doesn’t speak, but he did that day, and it was the day that changed my life. I didn’t go through with giving him up.

  I went to my social media pages, asking for help. I had to remove my pride and tell people what I was going through. All I asked for was a place to live so I could get on my feet. I got an outpouring of love for my situation and a few offers to come and live with friends, but everyone was out of state. I had people sending me money to eat and get a hotel for us.

So, on November 22, with my mind made up, I got in my car, went to my storage, got what I could fit in my car, and got on the road with my son and our dog. I drove from California to Georgia. I didn’t think about any danger; I just wanted to be in a better situation for my son and life.

Today, we are in our own place and doing well. My son is happy and finally adjusted to living in Georgia. I’ve had a lot of changes in my life, good ones. I started my own business, and now I am a published author with four books. I would have never found the courage to do so if I hadn’t gotten out of California. I had to get out of my toxic environment to get to the best of me.  

While I was going through all that turmoil, I remember asking God, “Please, can You take me out of these bad situations?” I will not lie; I was angry at Him for a while because I thought He’d left me. No, He was upgrading me and putting me in a better position in my life. I had to do work and stop allowing others’ words and letting my own pride get in the way. Now, I believe if I had spoken up sooner, things wouldn’t have gotten so bad. I was so worried about what people would think of me so I kept quiet. I had to humble myself and stop being ashamed of needing help. We all need help at certain times in our lives.

Some people don’t have to ask strangers for help because they are blessed with families to help them. Then they’re people like me who didn’t have family but I had angels to help me when I had nothing. Now I realize how blessed I was back then. I made it from California to Georgia without one car problem. No more being ashamed ever again about it. I got to this place with God and drew closer to Him.

Sharon Blount is a native of Oakland, CA, who currently resides in Georgia. In addition to delivering caffeinated romance with humor, she loves reading and is the founder of Building Relationships Around Books (BRAB). In the future, she envisions BRAB becoming a foundation in many states and improving literacy nationwide. Sharon’s first published book in the Java City series is titled Espresso Served With Love. She has recently won two awards: new author and the Donna Hill Breakout Author award. Her second book, Mocha Kisses, is available now, and Sharon is currently writing the third book in the romantic-comedy genre. 

Author Sharon Blount may be reached:

Twitter: @coffeebratt

Instagram: Coffee_brat

Facebook: Author Sharon Blount



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Are you the type of reader, that gets utterly excited when you walk into a room full of books? You start smiling and becoming giddy like a kid in a candy store. If so, you have just made a new friend in me.

A few years ago, I was in a bookstore in New York City. As most avid readers I was in heaven just being amongst the thousands of books. I was truly in my glory. Sadly, I realized that I could not be in the store forever. Looking for Christian Romance novels I headed to the back of the store. I wanted to read clean fiction where sex was not the focal point. The aisle title Christian drew me right in. This is where I could find the books I desired.

There were about six wide tall stands placed side by side. As I excitedly started to search through them, I became less enthused. It seemed that everything was packed together on the same level as Christian Fiction. There were also manuals on preaching better with the genre I was looking for and books to improve bible study teachings.

For some reason everything associated with Christianity were housed together. I found that rather odd because on the very next aisle titled Romance, there were twice as many books on the shelves. Not only that but there were at least four complete lanes with nothing but Romance. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against regular romance. I’m the owner of many romance novels myself. The thing is I wanted to read a faith based romantic novel.

I couldn’t find what I wanted in the store so I created The Reading & Writing Spot. This is my own area where people like myself can find Christian & Inspirational writings. Authors from all levels will be here in this space. I finally found what I was looking for and it was right under my nose. This is my happy place.

I’m a proud member of American Christian Fiction Writers

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~When you do what you love, its never work. It’s simply fun. ~

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