Go Forward

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One early morning as I was driving north to work, I stopped at the red light. Being that it was still pretty dark, I checked my surroundings. A woman can’t be too careful these days. I looked in my rearview mirror and there was no traffic behind me. I found that to be rather unusual, considering the road I was on was a connection to a major thoroughfare. Checking my side mirrors, not a soul even walking to the nearest bus stop. Looking forward again, I saw bright lights from the cars heading south, waiting at the red light as well. The lights were so bright they almost blinded me. It appeared all of the cars had their high beams on directly pointing at me.

Looking over my shoulder, I peered at my back windshield and again there were no other vehicles behind. Just as I twisted around, the light changed to green. As I’m passing the cars on the southbound side, still no other motorists behind me. I thought of something, Bishop & Gospel singer Marvin Sapp preached a sermon called Going Forward. I can’t remember exactly how it went but it focused on moving ahead and leaving old things behind. To me the empty streets behind me resembled nothing to go back to because they are cold and dark. While the bright roads ahead light a path of my amazing future.

The next time you feel like your life is at a standstill or you want to go back because what’s ahead of you seems out of reach. Think of that dark road with no one on and then think of the bright one ahead of you.

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Pexels.com

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