Trust the Process

Have you ever had one of those days or weeks where everything that could go wrong went wrong? Did you literally want to beg God to turn you back into a child because this adulting life is not the life for you? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, then welcome to my world.

Just last week, I got a flat on the way to work. Thank God for a kind lady who caught me at the light one block away from the parking lot, letting me know. AAA is a godsend since I don’t know how to change a tire.

While carrying my friend’s birthday gift, the bag handle broke, causing me to have to carry it tight on my chest. Not a good idea since the bag had glitter on it. I glittered bombed myself. My coat, purse, and workbag all had silver glitter everywhere.  

The next day, I was at the tire shop getting a new tire. I found out I needed all new tires. I wanted to cry because with an upcoming trip that put a dent in my budget.

With the tire and glitter, I then lost my laundry card. I had just put a substantial amount of money on. I looked for three hours inside my home and in the car. I’m not one to lose things, as I pride myself in being organized. But when I lose things it’s a bit hurtful.

With all of this going on, it seemed I was just having awful week. But here’s my take on it. I could have been driving on the highway when my tires blew and gotten into an accident. The glitter could have been permanently stuck to my face and hair. (Not pretty). I could not have had money to replace the laundry card to do my laundry.

Sometimes we have moments where things go wrong. However, trust the process that God knows what He’s doing. Car accident avoided, looking like a craft teacher while working in a professional environment avoided and having to wash clothes and coat by hand avoided. No matter what happens, God has your back.

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