What If

Photo by Leeloo Thefirst on Pexels.com

In this land we live in, there are so many kinds of people, places and things. There is not one thing that is the same as another. Whether it’s man made or God made. Everything and everyone have their distinct identity.

With each unique being, it troubles me that some people and things are being deliberately shunned because they do not fit a certain mold. That leads me to a state of confusion.

For example, why is a well maintained green and yellow house called an eyesore by other homeowners, whose houses are all gray and blue cookie cutter homes with peeling paint and rotten shutters?

Why is finding larger clothes and shoes sizes harder than small? Yes, it requires more material and labor. I get that.

Why is it harder to find skin products when you have skin disorders, skin diseases, and burn scars?

Why do people in authority positions make rules for others but exclude themselves from such regulations?

Why do some people detest one another because their mirror reflection does not match?

What if that green and yellow house caused other people to see the beauty in it?

What if larger clothes and shoe sizes were just as easy to find as small?

What if finding skin products for people with skin disorders, diseases or burn scars sat right next to other skin products?

What if those high-ranking position holders stopped for a minute to think of themselves being held to the same rules that now exclude them? How would they feel being told that they cannot do something that is vital to their very being?

What if that reflection in the mirror reflected the words Love Thy Neighbor?

When you exclude people, places, and things, you never get to see how beautiful they are because you are looking with darkened eyes. But when you remove your blinders, you will open a whole new world of greatness.

The next time someone tries to dim your light because you don’t fit in, do not dim theirs in retaliation. Show them just how big and bright your light is.

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

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2 thoughts on “What If

  1. So true sis, I loved all the analogies you used because its so real and practical.
    And rather than feel different, just see it from another lens that you’re unique and keep shinning your light. Thank you Desiree.


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