Turn Down the Volume

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Have you ever noticed that nowadays everything is instant like the microwave? You buy a new watch by paying with your debit or bank card and when you get home; you find it is damaged, and it was the last one. Back to the store you go to ask for a refund. The store says it takes up to seven business days to put the money back on your card. Meanwhile, they took less than two minutes to accept your payment.

While driving on the highway to a restaurant in an unfamiliar area, you miss your exit. Now you must drive another ten miles to get off at the next exit to go back.

Working on your website, you accidentally delete every article you’ve written for the past year. You feel like a complete idiot for being so careless. It takes you more than an hour to undo the damage of one key stroke to recover everything you deleted.

God has a way of giving us subtle hints that we need to pay attention to. We can be so focused on the task at hand that we are not listening to Him speak. Our minds are glued to what we want and not what God wants for us.

Sure, you had been waiting for the watch’s price to drop for months. But did you really need another watch, considering you barely wear the other five you have?

You’ve heard so many excellent reviews about this restaurant and could finally get a reservation. Checking the online menu, you already knew everything you wanted to order, from the appetizer to the entrée, beverage, and dessert. But driving twenty miles out of your way plus another ten from getting lost, was it worth it?

Working on your website when you were pressed for time was not exactly a good idea. Considering you have still been learning the ins and outs of website building. Was adding a different picture to your latest post something that could have waited for when you had more time?

Had you and I stopped to listen to God’s voice, these things and more would not have happened. When you turn down the volume of everything happening in your life, you can then clearly hear God speaking.

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2 thoughts on “Turn Down the Volume

  1. Thank you for the reminder, God is always speaking. He said you will always hear a voice behind you saying this is the way.

    God is still and always speaking. It time to really turn down the volume and focus on God.

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