Walking to Find Great Finds

Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.com

After seeing myself in some very unflattering pictures, I decided it was time for me to lose weight. Living in a large city where parks are rather far away, I had to drive to the park just to take a walk around a large spacious area. To me, it felt like I was defeating the purpose. So, one day, I decided to walk instead of driving to the grocery store a mile away. After all, I was only going to get a few things.

As a lifelong resident of my city, I thought I knew all the best stores and places of interest to patronize until I started my daily walks. Rather than walk on the main streets, I opted to walk on the side streets, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. On my first walk, I came across a small café nestled in between a row of brownstone homes. I eagerly wanted to stop and sample a fresh cup of flavored coffee, but I had to continue my walk. I entered the store’s phone number into my cell phone to make a note to stop in one day.

A few blocks later, on a tiny curvy street, I came across a store that had some very nice dresses displayed in the window. I was surprised to find that the store had the same dress that I had paid twice the amount for at a department store. Had I known the store existed, I could have saved some money and purchased a matching purse as well. Once again, I entered the store’s phone number into my cell phone and continued my walk.

Thirty minutes later, when I reached my local grocery store, I realized I had actually enjoyed my walk. I felt like I was sightseeing in my city for the first time. I found two stores that I will visit in the future. It was a wonderful adventure that I enjoyed very much. So much that I started to take walks every day for exercise and to explore my city and see what other treasures it holds.

The treasure I have found so far includes a historical landmark that I had once read about in a magazine, an antique shop and a mom-and-pop bookstore. I have lost some weight, which was my main goal. My exercise had paid off in more ways than one. Now, through walking regularly, I get the exercise that I need and can feed my shopping habit as well.

My above article was originally published in 2007 on the former Della Donna Zine. Although I can no longer walk as frequently and as far as I used to, I still find different ways to enjoy myself while discovering this beautiful world around me.

Park the car and take a stroll. You never know what gems you might find.

Photo by Thu00e0nh Tru1ea7n on Pexels.com